Family > Lead Management

Lead Management allows centers to track potential family activity within the system before the family record is created.

View Current Leads

  1. Click Family, then select Lead Management
  2. All Pending families will display under the Lead and Wait List section
    • To change the search criteria, click the Search Criteria drop-down
    • Change the search filter in the Search Criteria window
      • Submit Date (>) - enter the date to search as of. For example, if 7/16/2018 is selected in the Submit Date field, results will display for 7/16/2018 until the present day
      • Parent First/Last Name - enter the parent's first and/or last name
      • Child's First Name - enter the student's first name
      • Status - select a status
        • Pending - student is not active and will not display in the family search results
        • Approved - student has been approved to the system and will display in the family search results
        • Rejected - the student's request for admittance has not been approved
    • For a more advanced search, click Activity Search
      • From/To Date - enter a start date and/or end date for the activities
      • Activity Type - select the activity type from the drop-down. (Setup in Valid Values under Activity Type)
      • Activity Status - select the status of the activity
      • Lead Source - select the source of the lead. Examples: email, expo, walk-in, etc. (Setup in Valid Values under Lead Source)
      • Classroom - choose the classroom the student would be placed into, if approved
      • Age From/To - to view all student's within a specific age, enter the to and from age in months
      • Email - search by the parent's email address
      • Phone Number - search by the parent's phone number
    • Click Find

Editing Lead Information

To edit a family's lead record, follow the steps below

  1. Locate the family's name in the Lead and Wait List section
  2. Click the edit icon to the left of the Center/Parent First name
  3. Edit the necessary information 
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the screen

Approve/Reject Student's 

From the Lead Management screen, students can be approved or rejected into their requested program. 

  1. Slide the scroll bar to the right
  2. Click Approve or Reject
    • Approve - a student/family record will be created
      • Once approved, enter the Admission Date in the popup and click OK. A student/family record has now been created
    • Reject - the lead will be denied and a student record will not be created

Actions Menu

There are several options in the Actions drop-down menu:

  • View Denied Children Information - displays two sections; Denied Students List and Denied Students List - Discharged
  • Add New Lead - allows an admin to manually add a lead
  • Export - exports the information displayed in the Lead and Wait List section into a 37 column Excel spreadsheet
  • Blank Lead Information Form - opens a blank  Lead Information Form as a PDF
  • Lead Activity Summary - exports lead activities to Excel. This export includes the following tabs: Activity Summary, Activity Chart, Totals Chart, Hear About Us, Hear About Us Chart
  • View Calendar - displays a calendar view of all events. View by day, week, month and filter by activity type. A Calendar Event can also be added from this page