Financial- General Ledger Account Example

An couple of examples for how to setup a general ledger.  Scroll to the bottom of the page for a video example!

If my ledger was setup so that I wanted to pull center ID and type of program being offered, my segments might look like this- 

CenterCenter Identifer
Smith Elementary01
Early Learning Center02
John Doe Middle School03

Account NameAccount Number
School Year Tuition1000
Summer Tuition 1001
Special Programs1002

When I pull financial reports I want to see strings that look like this, which is the pairing of site where the program is being held and the type of program being charged out. 

GL String

To set this up in the system I would go to the GL builder- setup > system config, GL builder.  

Then select GL builder-

Lets say I wanted to build out a GL string so that the system would look at the room category that is being billed in order to build the string in reporting.  So this would be a VARIABLE code.  

I might make my GL Code segment- or the shortcut code 100 so that I know it is variable. 

Once the segment is saved, I would go to the detail icon in order to build out what the code actually means- or structure for how the system would associate billing to a code. 

For segment 1, I want the system to tell me which site the revenue is being created at.  So I am going to create the first segment as a variable field calling for the internal center ID.  

(The internal center ID is found on the Home > General page- you would then want to go to each center level and add the center identifier.)

Once I press save detail the first segment of the string will display in the GL Code Segment Details box. 

If I left the code like this, whichever type-fee or type- payment I associated with the short code of 100, ONLY the center ID would display on financial reports.

In the next segment I want to pull in the type of room/program I am billing out.  Lets say that my categories were setup as Summer, School Year and Special days.  I would want to pull segement 2 from the Room Category's GL code field.  

To update this field I would go to the setup >  room page and click on the category name

Then update the GL code field on the category with the related account number-

This would mean that whatever code I had on the room category would pull when I create a financial report.

I've created my structure for code 100- 

I would place my short code of 100 on a specific valid value.  In this case I want this string to pull whenever I bill out tuition in the system. 

To add this short code to a valid value I would go to setup > system config, valid value. 

On the valid value screen, I would scroll to the tuition option under type- fee and select the edit icon next to the valid value name- 

Enter the GL short code in the GL Code field and press save- 

Financial reporting might look like this- 

Account #GL Code DescriptionCreate DatePost DateMember ID #NameDescriptionValid Value CodeDebitCredit
01.1000Tuition04/10/201804/10/2018317246Frozen FamilySchool Year CareTUIT
01.1000Tuition04/10/201804/10/2018317246Frozen FamilySchool Year CareTUIT
01.1000Tuition04/11/201804/11/2018317246Frozen FamilySchool Year CareTUIT
01.1000Tuition04/11/201804/11/2018317246Frozen FamilySchool Year CareTUIT

Another example: