Setup > Classroom, Room Types

In the system, rooms are the cornerstone for how parents can register into the system, how parents will be billed and how reporting can be pulled.  

  • If you want to build a room that will be billed weekly or monthly you will create a recurring billing room
    • If transactional you will need to set the billing cycle for each room/program under room/program setup
    • Be sure to add a default rate to the room if parents will be registering for the room/program
  • If you want to charge a parent upfront for a program AND the program is a set fee you would want to create an event type room
    • With events, parents will not be able to select days of care.
    • Event type rooms work well for holiday/in service camp days, weekly break options
  • If you want parents to select days off of a calendar and pay a daily rate up front you would create a parent managed registration room and one or more parent managed calendar rooms
    • Parent managed rooms are a two step process for parents
      • 1. Parents register for a parent managed registration room
      • 2. Once families have been accepted into the registration room they go to the attendance tab on the parent portal and select specific days of care
        • Rates should be added to calendar rooms, the rate should be a daily rate