Family Record, Receipts Tab

The Receipts tab within the Family record contains email receipts that were sent to parents after they register their existing student(s) into a program. 

Setting up the Email Template

  1. Click Setup, then select System Config
  2. Select Email
  3. Navigate to the Template Type drop-down
  4. Select the Template Type: Portal Registration Confirmation - Parent
  5. Choose a message format 
    • PLAIN
    • HTML (recommended)
  6. Apply To: (This option is only available when setting up the template under the business level)
    • Current Center Only - the template will be created for the current center
    • All Centers - the template will be created for all centers under the business level
  7. Enter a Subject for the email
  8. Enter the email message 
  9. Click Save
  10. This message will appear in the Receipts tab of returning families after registration

Please Note: Program specific Finishing Text can be setup in the room configuration screen

Viewing Receipts

To view the email receipts sent to parents, follow the steps below:

  1. Search by the student's last name in the top search field
  2. Click on of the parent/guardian's name
  3. Click the Receipts tab
  4. Locate the receipt to view. Please Note: receipts are in order by date, newest on top. If there were several registration confirmation emails sent, they will all be listed separately
  5. Click on the date to view. The receipt will display in the Receipt section