Creating Rooms

Rooms, Classrooms, Programs all mean essentially the same thing in the system. They are the way that children are organized- they are groupings of children for registration , attendance or communication purposes.

Changing Program Capacity

Capacity can be captured at the room or the room > semester level. This article will walk you through how to view and update capacity at either level.

Creating a Reoccurring Billing Classroom

Reoccurring Billing Classrooms are programs or rooms that have a weekly or monthly reoccurring billing cycle.

Creating an Event

Events are classrooms with a one-time charge that is applied to a family's financial ledger during registration. Parents are not billed for events when running billing. The one-time charge for an eve

Creating a Wait List Room

Once a room reaches capacity, the system has the ability to add additional students who register directly to the wait list tile on the homepage of the system for approval by staff or admin user.

Creating Parent Managed Registration & Calendar Rooms

Parent managed classrooms allow parents to register children for a classroom and then select the days the child will attend the classroom from a calendar. This system is entirely managed by the paren

Parent Managed Room Availability

How to get days to display for selection on a parent managed calendar program.

Creating Camp Rooms

Camps are similar to events but parents select days they want their child to attend on the Connect Portal during registration. The camp days can be setup with individual costs; depending on the activ

How to Clone a Room/Program

Once a room/program has been setup and configured, the room/program can be cloned if additional options are required.

Setup > Classroom, Room Types

In the system, rooms are the cornerstone for how parents can register into the system, how parents will be billed and how reporting can be pulled.

Setup Room Times

To add times that parents can drop off/pick up their children go to the setup menu and select the room/classroom option.

Removing a Program from Displaying

Once a room/program has been added to the system and associated with a semester the room can no longer be deleted. You can hide the room from displaying on the registration page or drop-down menus.