Payments > Add/Edit Third Party Refund

There are multiple steps involved in a third party refund. This article will cover the first step. The next step is on the Payments > Third Party Refund Allocation screen.

Users can view pending refunds (refunds that have not yet been allocated), as well as create new refunds.

Creating a Refund

  1. Click Payments, then select Add/Edit Third Party Refund
  2. Select the agency from the Agency drop-down
  3. Complete the Refund Details section
    • *Refund Authorization ID - enter the authorization number
    • *Refund Amount - enter the amount of the refund
    • Center - select the center from the drop-down
    • *Post From/To Date - enter the post dates 
    • First/Last name - enter the first and last name of the student
  4. Click OK on the confirmation popup
  5. The user will automatically be directed to the Payments > Third Party Refund Allocations screen