Reviewing the Family Record

The family record displays child and parent information.

Family Record, Summary Tab

The summary tab on the family record displays basic information about a child.

Family Record, Family Tab

The family tab of the family record displays basic family information and allows administrators the ability to add reporting group, track family status and basic settings.

Family Record, Child Tab

Available options on the Child tab of the family record including basic child detail, program/room assignment, contacts, health detail.

Family Record, Parents Tab

The Parent tab displays parent information for Guardian 1 and 2. Select the icon next to Guardian 1 or 2 to toggle between parents/guardians.

Family Record, Parents Tab - Connect Password Reset

To add or change a username or password for a parent so they are able to access the parent or Connect portal, go to the family's record within the system- then select the Parent tab.

Family Record, Third Party Tab

The third party screen is where divorced parents are split in the system and third party contracts are added for each child.

Family Record, Auto-Pay Tab

How to add or edit an auto-pay account for a parent within the system.

Family Record, Vacation Tab

The vacation schedule for a child in the system allows administrators the ability to schedule when a child is going on vacation or going to be absent from the center.