Payments > Autopay Batch

Processing auto payments in the system allows administrators the ability to charge and collect money from parents that have an auto payment setup. Parents can add auto-pay information from the parent portal or administrators can add a payment method from the Auto-pay tab on the family record.  

For auto payments to be processed, a payment gateway must be setup within the system (the site must be setup for credit card and/or ACH processing). 

There are two ways the system processes auto-pays:

  • Automated basis - the system will pickup and pay open balances according to the schedule setup/selected by parents or administrators (Please note: the autopay batch needs to be enabled on the back end, please contact if you would like to setup automatic autopay)
  • Variable/full amount basis - an administrator would go to the Payments > Autopay Batch screen to batch out payments

The Payments > Autopay Batch screen will only be used if a center manually batches out autopay payments. 

  1. Click the Search Criteria button to select search criteria
    • Center
    • Category
    • Classroom
    • Semester
    • Reporting Group
    • Balance Type
    • Statement ID
    • Assigned Invoice Nbr
    • Past Due
    • Amount
  2. Click View
  3. All families that match the selected search criteria with open balances will display. Check or Uncheck boxes to include or exclude them from the batch
    • To edit the payment amount, double click the Charge Amount text and enter the value. Then push Tab
  4. Once families are selected, click Pay All Selected to charge the parent's auto-pay accounts on file
  5. A confirmation box will display when the batch is completed


Reports can be pulled from the following screens:

Please Note: this will trigger the auto-pay success or auto-pay failure templates to send. These templates can be edited by going to Setup > System Config, then select the email option