InSite Check-In - Parent Options

Use the InSite Check-In mobile application as a parent and staff kiosk within your center or classroom! This application allows parents to check their students in and out, view school announcements and see their current balance. The Check-In application now has the ability to prompt parents to complete required Check-In Questions (if applicable/setup)!

Check In/Check Out

Parents have the ability to check in/out their students via the InSite Check-In app. if they have a schedule for the current day, theicon will appear below their name. To check students in/out, follow the steps below:

  1. Enter PIN (provided by the center) on the log in screen or scan the QR Code using the InSite Parent application
  2. Click the green check-mark to log in
  3. Select the student(s) to check in/out
  4. Click Check In/Out
    • If a student is not selected prior to clicking Check In/Out, the following message will appear
  5. If using Check-In Questions, they will be prompted after clicking Check In/Out
  6. The following confirmation message will appear, click OK


Notes are added by staff members in the InSite Classroom App.

  1. To view notes, click the paper icon
  2. Review the information and click Ok


To view school-wide announcements added from the admin side (Connect> Announcements), click Announcements at the bottom of the app.


Parents can view their current outstanding balance by clicking Balance at the bottom of the screen.