System Config > Registration

The Setup > System Config, Registration tile allows users to customize the family registration experience.  Watch this short video to learn how to setup drop-down registration. 

Click Setup, then select System Config.

Click the Registration tile

Registration Layout

  • Registration Type
    • Catalog View
    • Drop Down Filter - when using this option, you must create a valid set of registration filters (see below).
  • Allow Table View to be Collapsed by default? - if category is set to use table view, this will allow the category to be collapsed to hide all associated programs by default on page load.
  • Display Rooms for Registration Based On: 
    • All Rooms at All Centers: families will enter the registration page at the business Level, then select the center to view rooms.
    • Family Center Rooms with access to other Centers: families will enter their center's registration page directly, but will have the ability to view other centers. 
    • Family Center Only: families will only see rooms based on their Family Center. The Family Center is determined by the "Center" field on the Family tab of the family record.
  • Allow all Enrollment Dates to be displayed? This option will hide all delayed enrollment dates across all Classrooms on registration. 
  • Add Additional Child Label - This is the label for children, students, etc., in the system and will be used for some labels on registration. Default setting is "Add a New Student".
  • Apply Scholarship Label Icon - This option controls the icon used next to the Apply Scholarship label. 
  • Show Different Day Selection for Multi-Select? - This allows the day selection to appear for each classroom that was selected. This can only be used when all classrooms under the category have a similar setup. 
  • Allow auto-enter of Category if only one exists (Catalog View only)? If only one Category exists, the category will be auto-selected during registration (parents will not have to select the category).
  • Allow auto-enter of Classroom if only one exists? If only one Classroom exists, the category will be auto-selected during registration (parents will not have to select the classroom).
  • Show location filter on registration (Catalog View only)? This option will show a Location drop-down filter for parents to select during registration.
  • Registration Filters (Only for Drop Down Filter Reg. Type) - Click Add New Registration Filter
    • Complete the Add/Edit Registration Filter popup to choose which options to display. 


 By completing this section, parents will be prompted on login to verify their personal information within the system

Payment/Financial Information

This section contains all fields regarding financial information


This section contains settings regarding child accounts

Parent Managed Calendar

These settings help determine how parent managed calendars will display

Waiver/Electronic Signature

This section determines if parents are required to complete (agree/disagree) a waiver or include their signature during registration.

Waiver - follow the steps below to include a waiver during registration. When adding a waiver, parents must select "I Agree" or "I Disagree" and are only able to continue through registration when they agree. 

  1. Select the "Require a Waiver Document for Registration" option.
  2. Use the "Select a Center" drop-down to choose which center (or business level) to upload a waiver for.
  3. The "Waiver document exists: Yes/No" field will determine if a waiver currently exists for the selected center. Click "View" to display the current waiver. 
  4. Click Upload to select a new waiver 

Electronic Signature - use this section to determine if an electronic signature is required during registration for new or returning families. 

Descriptions/Page Text

This section contains several open text boxes to help personalize your registration page