Taking Attendance - Best Practices

There are several ways attendance can be added to the system. The data will sync to the server, so reporting will always be up to date.

Once attendance is in the system, any edits can be made by going to the attendance > entry screen. Please Note: make sure you are in edit mode by clicking Actions, then select Switch to Edit Mode

From the edit mode screen you can delete attendance by selecting the red x above a record:

Change the time a child was checked in/out by clicking into the field editing the time then press tab

If time is being entered or changed, click into the field, then press tab.  The screen will auto-save for you!

You can also mass check in/out children by selecting the box icon next to each child's name- 

In the Apply to Selected section, enter the check in and/or check out times,  select the attendance code from the drop-down, then click Apply. Please Note: students can only be checked in or out in the past, no FUTURE times.

The time will be added to the selected student's records, then press Save All.

To pull a report that displays the day's attendance go to actions and select Attendance Detail Export- Excel

Additional reports can be pulled for a particular date range, child, classroom, etc. by navigating to Reports > Room/Program.