Family > Lead Management, Adding Activity/Calendar Events

Adding an Activity

Once a family has been added and saved on the Lead Management page, an Activity section will appear. Activities allow users to track interactions with families prior to a student being accepted into the center. To add a new activity, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Actions under the Activities section
  2. Select New Activity
  3. Under the Lead Activity section, use the Status drop-down and select a status
    • Active - the activity is currently active
    • Closed - the activity is closed
    • Complete - the activity has been completed
  4. Complete the Activity section
    • Activity Type - select the type of activity (setup in Valid Values under Activity Type)
    • Activity Date - select the date of the activity
    • Campaign - select the campaign (setup in Valid Values under Campaign Type)
    • Activity Complete Date - if there is a date the activity was completed, select from the calendar
    • Description/Notes - enter a description of the activity or any necessary notes
  5. Enter the Follow-up details
    • Follow-up Type - select the follow-up type (setup in Valid Values under Followup Type)
    • Follow-up Date - select the date to follow-up with the guardian
    • Follow-up Notes - enter any follow-up notes necessary
  6. Click Save. All added activities will appear in the Activities section

Adding a Calendar Event

Calendar events, such as a phone call or tour, can be added to a lead. Follow the steps below to add a calendar event to a family:

  1. Locate the Calendar Events section and click Actions
  2. Select New Calendar Event
  3. Ensure the information in the Lead Calendar Event section is correct. This information automatically populates based on what was entered when creating the lead
  4. Complete the Calendar Event section
    • User ID
    • User Search - search and select the name of the user assigned to the calendar event
    • Status - select if the status is Active or Completed (these options are setup in Valid Values under Lead Calendar Status)
    • Activity - select the activity from the drop-down (setup options for this in Valid Values under Activity Type)
    • Start Time - enter the start time of the event
    • Duration Hrs/Mins - select how long the event will last in hours and minutes
    • Notes - enter any notes regarding the calendar event
  5. Click Save to complete the creation of the calendar event