System Walk-Through

The system walk through will let users go tab by tab through the software to see available features, options and reports.

Reviewing the Family Record

The family record displays child and parent information.

Star- Quick Links & Favorites

The star icon on the menu bar allows users to access the Quick Links- Things to do menu and a user's favorites from anywhere in the system.

Home Tab

Users can run billing, search for children, see basic center statistics, set center name, contact information and license detail, set center/site hours, review validation rules, view alerts, review family reminders, run end of day/end of week processes and view files that have been uploaded to the system.

Family Tab

Users are able to search for active and inactive families, view lead information, schedule tours and batch enroll children into rooms/programs.

Payments Tab

Users are able to see payments that have been collected, returned or refunded. This is also where users can send out statements and balance reminders.

Attendance Tab

Users are able to take, edit or view attendance for a particular day by room or the center on a whole. Live views are available to review ratios and make changes as required.

Lessons Tab

COMING SOON... The lessons options within the system will be developed in the future!

Meals Tab

Users are able to mark which participants have been served, pull CACFP summary reports and export meal times.

Connect Tab

The Connect tab is the communications hub! Users can make announcements that will display on the portal, send emails, add links and documents to the parent portal and more!

Approvals Tab

Users are able to approve New Registrations, Wait list Requests, Child Information Changes, Payment Request, Vacation Requests from here.

Reports Tab

The Reports Tab provides access to payment, revenue, roster, registration, attendance reporting. Reports are split into categories to help you narrow in on the report you really need!

Staff Tab

Staff can be viewed from the Staff Tab, records can be updated, availability added and schedules created.

Setup Tab

The Setup Tab is where programs, semesters and rates are created, This is also where Daily Sheets are setup, Bus Rosters are entered and Third Parties are setup.