Family Record, Financials Tab - Pickup Fee

Late Pickup Fees allow a center to add rules to how a family should be charged if a student is picked up after center hours. Late Pickup Fees must be setup prior, click here for instructions.

Adding a Late Pickup Fee to a Student

  1. Search for the family by entering the last name into the Search box or using the magnifying glass
  2. Select the Financials tab
  3. The click Actions and select Pickup Fee
  4. Complete the Late Pickup Fee section
    • Student/Child - select the student from the drop-down
    • Total minutes late for pickup - enter the total number of minutes the student was picked up late
    • Adjustment amount - this field should auto-fill based on the Late Pickup Fee setup
    • Date of late pickup - select the date the student was picked up late
    • Notes - enter any additional notes
  5. Click Save. The fee will be added to the family's financial ledger