Family Record, Financials Tab - Coupons

Coupons in the system allow administrators to advertise specific discounts as marketing or use coupons as a reward for families in the center. Before setting up coupons, Revenue Type Valid Values, Type - Fee Valid Values, and Rate Categories must be setup. Coupons can be applied as a one-time coupon or for multiple billing periods.

Adding a Coupon to a Student

  1. Search for the family by entering the last name into the Search box or using the magnifying glass
  2. Select the Financials tab
  3. The click Actions and select Coupons
  4. The Coupons section will display current coupons being applied to the students within the selected family
  5. To add a new coupon, complete the Coupon Information section
    • Select Student - choose which student to apply the coupon to from the drop-down menu
    • Select Coupon - select a coupon from the available coupons. Please Note: coupons must be setup prior to this step. If a new coupon needs to be added, click here
    • Redemption Code - enter a redemption code, if applicable
    • Coupon Amount (Only for coupons that allow overrides) - when a coupon is selected, the section should auto-fill
    • Apply On Date - if there a date the coupon should be applied on, select the date from the calendar
    • Notes - enter any additional notes
  6. Click Save