Staff- CACFP Weekly Time Sheet

The CACFP Weekly Time sheet allows staff to calculate the amount of time spent on particular activities related to CACFP for a week. The staff member must be checked into a site for the report to generate. 

Report Conditions

  • The Center is not required; if the center is left blank, data will pull for all sites
  • If only the From Date is entered, the field will act as an "As Of" date and pull all date from the entered date until current
  • If only the To Date is completed, data will pull from the To Date to the current date

Sample Report

Click the report name to view a sample: CACFP Eligibility Renewal.xlsx

Accessing the Report

  1. From the Reports menu, click Room/Program
  2. From the Report Category drop-down, select Meals
  3. Choose CACFP  Weekly Time Sheet from the Report drop-down
  4. Use additional search criteria as needed, all fields are optional
    • Center - choose the center or business level
    • From Date - select a start date from the calendar
    • Role - select the role
  5. Click Create Report