Payments - Unallocated Third Party Payment Report - Excel/PDF

Report Description

The Unallocated Third Party Payment report displays a list of outstanding payments that have not been allocated for a third party agency. When pulling data, each center will be on a new tab of the Excel version.

Report Conditions

  • Dates are required

Sample Report

Click the report name to view a sample:

Accessing the Report

  1. From the Reports menu, click Financial
  2. From the Report Category drop-down, select Payments
  3. Choose Unallocated Third Party Payment - Excel/PDF from the Report drop-down
  4. Enter necessary search criteria
    • Center - select the center or leave blank to pull data for the business level
    • From Date - select a from date from the calendar
    • To Date - select a to date from the calendar
    • Division - choose a division, if applicable, to filter by division
    • District - choose a district, if applicable, to filter by district
  5. Click Create Report
  6. Report will open as a PDF or Excel

Report Fields

  • Sponsor Name
  • Check/Authorization #
  • Date Posted
  • Payment Amount
  • Allocated Amount
  • Unallocated Amount
  • Days Outstanding