Registration/Enrollment Errors

Problem: Unable to Enroll- Prerequisite programs have not been met for (student name)

Resolution: The parent needs to go to the personal tab on the parent portal and add the required number of contacts that have been set for the program. 

Problem: Parents need to review existing child detail before registering for the next semester

Resolution: The reconfirmation date will force parents to confirm detail on the personal tab of the parent portal is correct.  To add a reconfirmation date go to Setup > System Config, then select Registration.  The reconfirmation date needs to be a date in the past, not in the future.  Enter text in the reconfirmation text box to display a custom message to parents when they first log in- giving them directions to review the child, parent and contact detail- then press the confirmation button at the bottom of the personal page.  Once a reconfirmation date has been placed a parent MUST confirm their detail before they can do anything else in the system.