InSite Parent - Check In/Out

The Check In/Out icon on the InSite Parent application is used to check children in and out of the center using a location-based check in. This article will go over the administrator setup and parent setup and use.

Admin Setup

Before parents can begin utilizing the location-based check in, there are configurations that must be completed. 

  • Set Activity ID 1793 to 'All Permissions' - this will allow the Check In/Out icon to appear on the InSite Parent app for parents
  • Parents using the location-based check in must have a door PIN created. By requiring the door PIN, this would allow admins to block parents/contacts from checking children in/out. To create all parent door PINs in a batch, contact support to run the door PIN creation process. 
  • Ensure the correct center address is added on the Home > General screen under the Location Information section. This is the address that will be used as the GPS location
  • Enable to GPS check in 
    1. Navigate to System Config > Mobile Apps
    2. Click the InSite Parent tab
    3. Under the 'Allow GPS Check In/Out' column, place a check-mark to enable each center or click the 'All' radio button to select all locations
    4. Enter the GPS Range in Feet - the default range is 500 feet. Double click the cell to change the GPS range value
  • Send parent instructions - we've created a quick and easy way for you to send parents instructions for this new feature! Navigate to Connect > Communication, select the InSite Parent Welcome template in HTML format, make any necessary edits and click Send.

Parent Setup and Use

Before children can be checked in/out using GPS, there are multiple settings that must be enabled. The InSite Parent application should display popups requesting to enable the necessary settings; if the popups do not display, the settings are listed below for iOS and Android devices.

Required Settings

  • iOS Devices – General > InSite Parent
    • Location must be set to ‘While Using’ or ‘Always’
    • Application version must be at least 2.11.0
  • Android Devices - Settings
    • Location must be enabled (Settings > Connections > Location)
    • Application version must be at least 2.2.1 (Settings > Apps > InSite Parent)

Curbside Contactless (GPS) Sign In/Out

The following instructions walk through how to check children in and out using GPS:

  1. Open the InSite Parent application on a mobile device
  2. Select an Account, if applicable
  3. If all settings listed above are enabled, the Check In/Out icon will be green, click the icon to continue with check in
    • If the necessary settings are not configured properly, the following error will display, and the Check In/Out icon will red
  4. Select the child(ren) to check in/out. When a child is selected, a check-mark will display
  5. Click Check In/Out at the bottom
  6. Once the Success message appears, click OK. Check In/Out has been completed