Financials- How do I send invoices?

How to email statements to families.

Financial- How do I add a late fee to multiple family accounts?

How to add a late fee to multiple family accounts.

Financial- How do I create a PDF copy of statements for families?

The Print Batch Statements option creates a PDF for a time period of all family statements.

Financial- How do I process a refund?

To process a refund go to the family's financial page and select the payment corrections icon.

Financial- How do we setup a convenience/service fee for electronic payments?

How to add a convenience/service fee for electronic payments.

Financial- How do I add a coupon for a specific program/room assignment?

How to apply a discount to a child's specific program/room assignment.

Financial- How do I add another discount to a child (have multiple discounts on one child)?

How to add multiple discounts for a child within the system using coupons.

Financial- How do I run an aging report?

An accounts receivable aging is a report that lists outstanding balances.

Financial- How do I write off bad debt?

How to write off bad debt

Financial- How do I add or update a check unlock code?

Check unlock codes allow families the ability to register for a program without paying the registration or other fees up front. These codes would need to be given to parents in order for them to be

Financial- How do I mark a payment as returned?

When a payment is returned by the bank and you would like to take the payment off of the family financial ledger and add a fee, you can mark the payment as a returned payment.

Rates- How do I reactivate a rate?

How to make a rate active/inactive.

Year End Tax Statements

At the start of the new year most clients will choose to send year end tax statements to their families. Tax statements provide a summary of payments made by families.

Financial- How do I add a fee/adjustment to multiple families within a room?

How to add a fee or adjustment to multiple family ledgers at once (by room/program).

Financial- How do I change a room's default revenue type?

How to adjust the revenue type for a specific room/program.

Financial- How do I charge for unscheduled attendance?

Unscheduled attendance fees allow for sites to charge children for attendance in a room on a day that is not on their schedule.

Financial - How to upload payments

This page will walk you through how to import payments to family financial ledgers.

Financial- Receipting Prepay Deposits from the Make Payment Screen

Receipting Prepay Deposits from the Make Payment Screen

Financial- How do I record a prepay (security) deposit payment?

How to record a prepay deposit (security deposit) from the payment screen on a family ledger.

Financial- How do I limit rates that display on the admin side when adding programs for children?

To help streamline the process for admins when entering program/room assignments for children specific rate categories can be assigned to room categories or specific rates.