Family Record, Child Tab - More, CACFP

Once CACFP guidelines have been setup, the status (free, reduced or paid) can be added to each student within a family. Alternatively, the system can calculate the student's status.

Adding a Student's Status - Manually

To manually add a student's status, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to a family's record by searching the last name in the search field or click the magnifying glass
  2. Ensure the Children's tab is displaying, then select the Admission/Personal tab
  3. Locate the Food Program drop-down and choose the correct option for the student
  4. Click Save. Each time a meal is served, the student will be counted towards the selected status' total

Adding a Student's Status - Calculation

To have the system calculate the student's status by entering the family income, follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the family's record
  2. On the Children tab, click More
  3. Select CACFP from the More menu
  4. Click Add New CACFP Eligibility
  5. Complete the Assign CACFP Eligibility section
    • Center - select the center the student is attending from the drop-down
    • Enrollment Date - enter the date the student was enrolled into the center
    • CACFP Enrollment Application
      • Yes - the student has submitted an application, more options will appear
      • No - the student has not submitted an application and the student will not appear on the meal count sheets
  6. Eligibility Year - choose from the drop-down
  7. CACFP Signature Date - add the signature date
  8. Funding Type - choose the funding type, if available
  9. Application Signed By Parent
    • Yes - the parent has signed the application
    • No - the parent has not signed the application
  10. Race - choose the student's race from the drop-down
  11. Ethnicity - select the ethnicity
  12. Application Type - choose the application type. If the system should calculate the student's status, choose one of the calculate options
    • If using a non-calculate option, click Save or Save All Children in Family
    • If using a calculate option, continue the steps below
  13. Document Available
    • Yes - a document is available, continue below
    • No - no agency document is available, this application is not CACFP eligible
  14. Enter the family's income in the Income chart. The total income will be compared to the income eligibility table previously setup
  15. Enter the Family Size
  16. Click Calculate
  17. The Classification will display
  18. Click Save to save to only the selected student or click Save All Children In Family to save the classification to all students