Meals Tab

Users are able to mark which participants have been served, pull CACFP summary reports and export meal times.

Meals > Entry

The Meals > Entry page allows users record meals served from the admin side.

Meals > Meal Count

The Meal Count screen will display the number of meals served in a particular period for a particular site.

Meals > Summary

The Meals > Summary screen will display a CACFP Report Summary for a selected State, Month and Year.

Meals > Rates

The Meals > Rates screen allows users to add the rate for meals for both CACFP and Non-CACFP sites.

Meals > Times

The Meals > Times screen allows centers to add times meals will be served for each type of meal.

Meals > Eligibility Report

The Eligibility Report displays all children in a center and their eligibility for receiving CACFP benefits, with their status as Free, Reduced or Paid.