Home Tab

Users can run billing, search for children, see basic center statistics, set center name, contact information and license detail, set center/site hours, review validation rules, view alerts, review family reminders, run end of day/end of week processes and view files that have been uploaded to the system.

Home > Information

From this page users are able to see basic information within the tile area, approve registrations, child change requests, program change requests, add families and run billing.

Home > Information, Tiles

On the home page the square icons display the navigation tiles.

Home > Checklist

Based on user role, checklists can be created to let staff know essential tasks that should be completed . When a user logs in and navigates to Home > Checklist, the list of tasks that have been ass

Home > Dashboard

Dashboards allow quick views into various metrics through analytics; most commonly used by business level administration.

Home > General

The Home > General tab is where users can add or edit their center name, GL detail, contact email address, add and view license information.

Home > Hours

How to setup and edit center hours, center hours must be set if you would like for the system to charge a late pickup fee.

Home > Validation

Home > Validation allows administrators an easy way to review potential errors related to family records- child, parent and financials.

Home > Alerts

The Home > Alerts section allows administrators the ability to track alerts for children, parents, staff and general system information.

Home > End of Day

Home > End of Day will allow administrators the ability to see if there are any in process items at the end of the day- including missing check outs, schedule differences and in process deposits.

Home > Files

How to view documents that have been uploaded at the center level and for specific children.