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Registration Fees

Setting up a registration fee allows the site to charge a set registration/re-registration fee year after year.

View/Authorize a Registration Fee

  1. Click Setup, then select Fees
  2. Click Setup Registration Fee 
  3. View current registration fees in the Registration Fee List box  
    • To edit the registration fee, click the modify icon (blue square) towards the right
    • To add a registration fee to a center, click the View/Edit Authorization icon (lock)
      • In the Registration Fee Authorization Information box, select the Center and/or the State from the drop-down
      • Click Save
    • To delete a registration fee, click the red X

Setup a Registration Fee

To setup a new Registration Fee, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Setup, then select Fees
  2. Click Setup Registration Fee
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, under Add/Edit Registration Fee
    • Select the Center from the drop-down, if applicable
    • Select Registration or Re-registration
    • Enter an effective date to start charging the fee on all new student registrations
    • Enter an end date for the registration fee
    • Enter the amount of the registration fee
    • Select the fee type from the drop-down
      • If this is for a re-registration, enter the amount of days they will not be charged within. For example, if a registration fee was paid 1/1/2019 they they should not be charged a re-registration fee within a year, enter 365 in the field 
  4. Click Save