Staff > Staff Availability

The Staff Availability screen allows administrators to add availability for staff members; this is part of the overall scheduling process for staff. Availability can be added as an ongoing basis or for a specific week. There are settings for how many weeks can be adjusted on the setup > system config, Extended Config screen.


In order to utilize this process, verify the below items have been setup within the system:

Adding Availability

  1. Click Staff, then select Staff Availability
  2. Select the criteria in the Staff Member section
    • School - choose the location
    • Time Period - select the date range or Ongoing
    • Name - choose the staff member's name
  3. For each day of the week select the earliest time the staff member is available, then select the latest time
  4. If additional entries need to be made for a specific day, click the blue + sign
  5. Choose the start and end time of the additional availability
  6. Click Save Availability

Please Note: the next step in this process is to create staff schedules under Staff > Create Schedule