How to add a new family from the admin side

  1. From the Home > Information screen select the New Family tile
  2. Enter the necessary student information. Please Note: There are only 5 required fields: 
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Enrollment Date
    • Start Date 
    • Birth date
  3. Once the student's information has been added, select Save at the bottom or click Next to continue entering additional information
  4. Once the page is saved, an expanded family record will display
  5. Click the Doctor/Health tab to enter doctor, hospital, and insurance information
  6. Select the More tab to enter additional information, health information, or contacts 
  7. Once the student information has been added, select the Parents tab to enter the guardian 1 and 2 information
    • If parent will be using the Connect/Parent portal, be sure to add a username and password for each parent