Payments > Third Party Journal

Allocating a Third Party Payment

Once a third party payment has been made in the Payments > Deposit screen, the payment must be allocated to a student. Follow the steps below to allocate the payment to a student:

  1. From the Payments menu, select Third Party Journal
  2. Select the Agency that made the payment from the drop-down menu
  3. Select the unallocated payment from the Select Deposit drop-down
  4. In the Criteria section, some of the information will fill in based on the deposit information. Complete any other necessary fields to search
    • Center - select the center from the drop-down
    • Invoice Period - select the invoice period from the drop-down, if applicable
    • Post From Date - this information will fill in based on the deposit
    • Post To Date - enter the end date to post
    • First Name/Last Name - enter the first and/or last name of a student to search
    • Outstanding Balance Greater Than/Less Than - to search for students with an outstanding balance within a certain amount, enter the amounts here
  5. Click Search
  6. Scroll down to view the search results
    • The Summary tab displays the outstanding balances that met the search criteria
    • The Allocation tab is used to apply the payment to a specific student
  7. Select the Allocation tab
  8. Double-click the Current Payment field for the correct student
  9. Enter the payment amount and comments, if applicable
  10. Click Update
  11. The Remaining Balance will update after payment is allocated
  12. Click Post at the bottom of the screen
  13. Click OK on the confirmation popup
  14. A SUCCESS message will appear at the top of the screen if the allocation was successful