Release Notes REL_JAN_25_2024

The following features and enhancements will be available on SCW on January 26, 2024. 

New Features & Enhancements 

Mandated 2-Step Verification

Business and center level admins have the ability to require 2-Step Verification for all staff using the Provider Portal, all families using the Connect Portal, or both. If a business level requires 2-Step Verification for staff and/or families, then it will be required at all center levels. If it is not required at the business level, then each center can choose to require 2-Step Verification.

If 2-Step Verification is required for staff and/or families, they will have 3 opportunities to set up at least one verified method when they log in. They can choose to ignore this message and continue to use the software, but after the third time, they will be required to set up at least one verified method or they will be forced to log out. Staff with the correct permissions can reset 2-Step Verification for staff and/or parents.

For more information: 2-Step Verification Overview under the Requiring 2-Step Verification section. 

Minor Enhancements and Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Brand, Division and District have been added to the Future FTE Count report.
  • Payers will now see an error message when making a payment if their state is set to N/A. They must select a state from the drop-down to continue with the payment.
  • Fixed an issue where coupons were being deleted after recreating statements.