Child/Family - Arrival/Departure - Excel

Report Description

The Arrival/Departure Report - Excel displays information regarding a student arriving and departing to/from a center. This information is based off the information entered on a student's health and additional information screens.

Sample Report

Click here to view a sample of the report - Arrival/Departure Report

Accessing the Report

  1. Click Reports, then select Room/Program
  2. In the Quick Search, type arrival and select the Arrival/Departure - Excel report
  3. Select the Search Criteria, as needed. Please Note: all search criteria can be left blank to pull for the entire business
  4. Click Create Report. The report will open in an Excel workbook

Below is a list of fields that display on this report:

Available Fields on the Report
Child Last Name
Child First Name
Child ID
T-shirt Size
Additional T-shirt
Swim Level
Swim Concerns
Participate Open Swim
Guardian Last Name
Guardian First Name
Guardian Email
Guardian Phone
Guardian Home Address
Arrive with Parent?
Arrive Independently?
Arrival Independent Time
Departure with Authorized ?
Departure Independently?
Departure Independent Time
Direct from Home?
Direct from Home Time
Depart Direct from Summer School?
Depart Direct from Summer School Time
Arrive Direct from Summer School?
Arrive Direct from Summer School Time
Before School-Arrive with Parent?
Before School-Arrive Independently ?
Before School-Arrive Independent Time
Before School-Departure?
Depart - with staff member to PreK?
Depart - with staff member to Primary School?
After School-Walk?
After School-Arrive BY bus ?
After School-Arrive By Bus From
After School-Arrival Bus Time
After School-Independent?
After School-Independent From
After School-Independent Time
After School-Departure Wait?
After School-Departure Independent? 
After School-Departure Independent Time
Spoken Language
Return to School
Leave Independently
Wait For Authorized Pickup
4K Arrival?
4K Depart-continue with after school?
4K Bus Depart?
4K Bus #
4K Depart - authorized pickup?
4K Depart authorized pickup time