Meals > Times

The system allows centers to add times meals will be served for each type of meal. To setup times, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Meal drop-down menu, select Times
  2. On the Times screen, there are 3 separate sections: 
    • Business Level Meal List - times for each meal setup at the business level
    • Center Level Meal List - times for each meal setup at the center level
    • CACFP Meal Time Setup - this section is used to add meal times
  3. In the CACFP Meal Time Setup section, choose from the District drop-down, if applicable
  4. Select the center or business level from the Center drop-down
  5. Choose the Meal from the drop-down menu
  6. Click View
  7. If meal times were previously added, view the times and update as needed. If no meal times have been added, enter the meal times in the necessary fields. Please Note: meal times must be entered in military time
  8. Click Update to save any changes
  9. Continue this process until all times have been added