Family Record - Active/Inactive Families

When a family is marked Inactive, they will not appear in the search results when using the Search box in the top left.

Marking a Family Inactive

  1. Navigate to the Family Record
  2. Click on the Family tab
  3. Locate the Active box
  4.  Uncheck the Active box to mark the family inactive
  5. Click Save at the bottom. A conformation message will appear

Locating an Inactive Family

  1. Click the Search icon from the menu bar
  2. Select Yes for Show All. Please Note: if No is selected, Inactivate families will not display
  3. Choose the letter of the last name or click All to locate the family record
  4. The active and inactive families will display. To view the family record or mark the family as Active, click the family name
  5. Navigate to the Family tab
  6. Locate the Active box
  7. Select Active and click Save at the bottom of the screen
  8. A confirmation message will appear