Setup > Fees, Returned Payment Fee

View/Edit Returned Payment Fees

Administrators can setup an automatic charge for any payments that are returned by the bank. Return payments include insufficient funds, an incorrect routing number, or a payment was stopped. To set up a fee for a returned payment, follow the steps below: 

  1. Click Setup, then select Fees
  2. Click View Returned Payment Fees
  3. A list of current Returned Payment Fees will display. Please Note: the states will automatically populate based on where the centers are located
  4. To edit the fee, click the modify icon
  5. Change the fee amount
  6. Click Update

Key Point: If this fee should be charged automatically, batch jobs must be set on the back end. Once values have been set on this screen, submit a ticket to the Care portal with the date and time the batches should begin to process.