Setup > Fees, Returned Payment Fee

View/Edit Returned Payment Fees

Administrators can setup an automatic charge for any payments that are returned by the bank. Return payments include insufficient funds, an incorrect routing number, or a payment was stopped. To set up a fee for a returned payment, follow the steps below: 

  1. Click Setup, then select Fees
  2. Click View Returned Payment Fees
  3. A list of current Returned Payment Fees will display. Please Note: if additional fees and states need to be added to the system, please contact support (
  4. To edit the fee, click the modify icon
  5. Change the fee amount
  6. Click Update

Key Point: If this fee should be charged automatically, batch jobs must be set on the back end. Once values have been set on this screen, submit a ticket to the Care portal with the date and time the batches should begin to process.