Creating Mailing Labels
How to create mail labels.
Family- How to add a day for a child from a parent managed calendar
From the admin side days can be added for children involved in parent managed programs. To add a day to a child's record, the child must already be associated with the parent managed registration ro
Family- How to add a contact as a payer
How to add a contact as a payer from the admin side of the site.
Family- How to delete a family
How to delete a family.
Family- How to withdraw a child
Go to the family record by searching for the child's name in the top left search bar or by using the magnifying glass on the main menu bar.  Change the child's status to withdrawn and enter the withdrawal date.  Then press save at the bottom of ...
Family- How to add a contact from the admin side
To add, edit or deactivate contacts for children/families- go to a family record, then select the child tab.  On the child tab select the More option, then select Contacts.  To add a new contact enter the contact's details in the blank fields t...
Family- How to handle a family that opts out of receiving emails
Families can opt out of receiving email communication from a center. This can be viewed from the parent portal or from the parent screen within the family record on the admin side of the site.
Family - Child Attendance Codes
By default there are several attendance codes in the system that display if a site does not configure student attendance codes under setup > system config > valid values.