SchoolCare Works + Engagement Product Update for 6/29/2023

The following features and enhancements will be available on SCW on June 27, 2023. 

New Features & Enhancements 

  • When a child is moved between centers in SchoolCare Works, the child, guardians, and authorized pickups are displayed in that center in Engagement. [DCW-5828]
  • One phone number per parent/guardian and authorized pickup will be synced from SchoolCare Works to Engagement in the following order: [DCW-5898]
    • Parent/Guardian - Cell Phone, Best Phone Number, Home Phone, Work Phone
    • Authorized Pickup/Contacts - Cell Phone, Home Phone, Work/Employer Phone
  • When rooms sync from SchoolCare Works to Engagement, only rooms marked as 'Active' and 'Primary' will sync. [DCW-6040]

Miscellaneous Fixes

Resolved the following issues:

  • When the 'Age Range' was added or modified in SchoolCare Works, it was not syncing to Engagement. [DCW-6032]
  • Student attendance data syncing from Engagement was displaying 3 hours ahead in SchoolCare Works. This discrepancy was creating the following error in SchoolCare Works: ‘Check in date cannot be in the future' and giving a status of ‘Skipped’ on the Attendance Journal. [DCW-6035]
  • Some parent information was not syncing correctly from SchoolCare Works to Engagement. [DCW-5996]
  • Some rooms were not syncing from SchoolCare Works to Engagement when being created. [DW-5995]
  • When attendance was deleted from Engagement, it was not deleting in SchoolCare Works. [DCW-6044]
  • When a Waitlist registration was approved in SchoolCare Works, the room was not displaying in the child's profile in Engagement. [DCW-6027]
  • Some staff member's email addresses were not syncing from SchoolCare Works to Engagement. [DCW-5788]