Setup > Rates

Rates are the amounts that are charged per billing period. Discounts can be created, coupons can be added and scholarships defined .

Setup > Rates

Rates and a child's classroom assignment determine how much the child will be charged for the classroom.

Setup Scholarships

Scholarships allow parents the ability to enter a coupon code during the registration process in the Connect Portal.

Setup Rate Category

Rate categories in the system allow rates to be automatically associated to children based on the child's age, center level or family's income.

Setup Rate Offset

Rate offsets allow businesses the ability to increase or decrease rates for centers based off accreditation or other classifications associated to centers using the rate category.

Setup Discounts

Discounts can be applied to familes so that the percentage or dollar off amount is automatically deducted when billing is created.

Setup > Coupons

How to setup coupons for use on the admin side of the site

Setup > Rates, Update Rate

How to add a rate increase to the system.

Setup > Rates, Setup Pre-bill

The system allows administrators and centers the ability to prebill families with new registrations.

Company Rate Export Sheet

The Company Rate Export Sheet Displays every rate for the business in the system. This sheet displays all rates, not just rates at a specific center level.

Rate Sheet Import

How to add or edit rates by importing.

Dynamic/Sibling Rates

Dynamic Rates are used when a center wants to apply sequential rates to students within a family.