Setup > Classroom

Classrooms are also known as rooms, programs or events. Rooms can be setup to organize the way parents register and the way rosters can be created.

Setup > Classroom

The setup > classroom area is where administrators will create programming or the roster options children can be associated with in the system.

Creating Rooms

Rooms, Classrooms, Programs all mean essentially the same thing in the system. They are the way that children are organized- they are groupings of children for registration , attendance or communication purposes.

Creating or Editing a Category

How to setup or edit categories in the system.

Creating a Category Group

A Category Group is a collection of categories. This helps to provide another layer of organization for room setup- categories are added to category groups.

Setting Up Attendance Groups

Attendance Groups in the system allow users to automatically group children in individual classrooms into one classroom for a set period of time.

Setup > Room, Category- Upload a Category Picture

Uploading a Category Picture allows a site to link to the picture in their description or finishing text.

Setup > Room, Category - Registration Setup

The registration setup area allows users to set questions will that be displayed, hidden or required on registration forms. This setup can be created at the category level or the room/program level.

Setup > Room, Category- Registration Confirmation Questions

Registration confirmation questions allow for sites to ask their parents to verify information before registration is complete. These types of questions are typically questions such as- "I confirm I

Setup > Room, Room/Program- Extra Program Registration Info

Registration questions at the classroom level allows centers to ask specific questions for parents through the Connect Portal during registration. These questions can be either a singular answer or a