Release Notes REL_JULY_29_2021

The following features and enhancements will be available on DCW/SCW on July 30, 2021. 

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • On the Parent Portal, fixed a display issue on the Edit Billing Account Details popup. [DCW-3488]
  • Fixed an issue where multiple schools had payments missing from financial statements [DCW-3461]
  • Investigate transactions displaying in TE but missing from DCW. [DCW-3336]
  • On the Parent Portal, when doing a one-time payment using an ACH, the incorrect convenience fee was displaying. [DCW-3332]
  • Connect Portal- Autopay form phone field accepts phone number in different format. Need to make it consistent. [DCW-3126]
  • Fixed an issue where when customers selected “Percentage” for a coupon override, once it was applied, it was displaying as a dollar amount. [DCW-3057]
  • When merging children into another family or merging families together, the system was displaying an error message and a success message. [DCW-3039]
  • Added Brand, Division and District filter to additional reports. [DCW-3482]
  • On new or portal registration, when entering a credit card, the options for expiration year only went to 2024. [DCW-3509]
  • Remove old branding from login screen. [DCW-3485]
  • Zip code is now a mandatory field for online credit card payments. A popup reminder has also been added when the zip is missing on the Financials > Actions > Online Credit Card screen . [DCW-3426]
  • When refunding a TE payment, the system was looking at the family center instead of at the original center the payment was made. [DCW-3422]
  • Updates to the Staff Payroll Control - PDF report. [DCW-3257]
  • The number of centers displayed on the Payments > Outstanding screen has been increased. [DCW-3223]
  • Removed the Connect > Social screen. [DCW-3119]
  • Enhancement to Merchant ID saving for TE. All registrations will be saved with the family center Merchant ID. [DCW-3474]

Internal Documentation

*The following tasks are for internal documentation only.

  • Review TE setup and remove non widget setup. [DCW-3378]
  • July General Items 2021. [DCW-3255]
  • DCW Bugs July 2021. [DCW-3251]
  • Create Pendo track event trigger on login. [DCW-3307]
  • DaycareHelperUtil cleanup of unnecessary exception logging. [DCW-3200]
  • Family portal - Store respproc value in new database column. [DCW-3139]
  • Admin - Store respproc value in new database column. [DCW-3138]
  • Add new db column for TE respproc. [DCW-3107]