Release Notes REL_JULY_30_2020

The following features & enhancements were released July 30, 2020.

Associated JiraFeature Description
DCW-1007Add activity IDs for Vacation tab
DCW-1091Integrate Maven
DCW-1337PAD Worksheet was not pulling correct amounts for some families
DCW-1447Future FTE Count report showing double the amount at the business level
DCW-1467Check-In Questions development
DCW-1537Update old banner and broken links on registration page
DCW-1556Assign new Type Fee a number for import
DCW-1597Fixed an issue where online payments are showing up as exceptions on the Payments Balancing/ Exception report when they should not be
DCW-1651API - Gather questions
DCW-1664When pulling the Payments Balancing/Exception report, it appears to be incomplete 
DCW-1680Discount Capacity report is not reflecting the Max Discount used
DCW-1681Parent managed scheduled days are not being checked against Max Discount or discounts with dates setup
DCW-1682Fix scenarios of scheduling and removing parent managed calendar days that are not charging/crediting as expected
DCW-1765Correct issue with Cirrus Admin Maintain Billing Post Billing Service
DCW-1776The Authentication Code is not appearing on Parent Portal Account screen
DCW-1784Future FTE Count report is not calculating correctly for many centers
DCW-1791Error received when submitting a lead management/information request fix