Release Notes QA 19.4.2

The following features were released April 2, 2019! Please click the link, if applicable, for more information on the new/updated features.

Associated JiraFeature Description
CQ-3463Reports > Program > Room/Program Count export fix
CQ-3464Update wording on room configuration option for Send Admin Email on All Registrations
CQ-3465On PRA Assignment Actions screen, add From Program indicator on Change Days Scheduled option
CQ-3466Change All Duplicates indicator to exclude inactive PRAs when set to Yes
Add IEP indicator column to Health Concerns - Excel report
Add additional columns to the Staff List > Attendance table
CQ-3473Add secondary export to View Semester, Availability/Camp Days screen
CQ-3476Payments > Autopay Batch missing families fix
CQ-3478Miscellaneous Parent Managed Calendar fixes
CQ-3480Unlock code not prompting parents on new family registration fix
Trial Balance report logic update
CQ-3482Family Merge - add tool tips when merging families
Child Birthday Information - Excel report logic update
CQ-3490Immunization Missing Report fix