Setup > Room, Room/Program- (View Semester)


Setup > Room, Room/Program (View Semester)
In order for a room to display as available for registration on new registration pages and/or the parent portal the room MUST be authorized to a semester. This screen will allow you to customize.
Room/Program - (View Semester), Availability/Camp Days
How to add field trip days for selection during registration.
Room/Program- (View Semester), Registration Setup
The registration setup option under the semester allows administrators to setup prerequisites for particular room/semester associations.
Room/Program- (View Semester), Registration Exceptions
The registration exceptions section allows centers to setup exceptions for registration fees for parents or families, allowing those families to register for a discounted or free rate.
Room/Program - (View Semester), Plan Options
Plan options allow for a business to set defined day packages for parents to select during registration.