Release Notes REL_Feb_27_2020

The following features & enhancements are coming soon! 

Associated JiraFeature Description
DCW-38Incorrect balances on Third Party Aging report fix
DCW-40Add 'Home Room' and 'Job Title' to Staff > Staff List screen
Add Activity ID around Update Stop Date button on child's Third Party screen
DCW-284Add column for 'Payment Type' to Autopay Holder report
DCW-296Household API
DCW-300Contact API
DCW-301Prepay Deposit API
DCW-351Update wording on Create Connect Portal User Names option
DCW-468Add Yes/No flag on Children > Admission/Personal screen for Future PRA Required field 
DCW-474Payments > POS Payments screen - phone number field to look at all phone number fields on parent tab
DCW-481Fix hibernate error when doing mass save or delete
DCW-483Export Discount List and Export Discount Full List not pulling fix
DCW-510Add ability to turn ACH payments on/off
DCW-511When turning off ACT payments, the option should be removed from the Payments > POS Payment screen
DCW-593Disabled PINs should not allow Beacon check-in/out (iOs)
DCW-594Disabled PINs should not allow Beacon check-in/out (Android)
DCW-652Check Unlock Code not working when ACH is turned on