Release Notes REL_FEB_25_2021

The following features and enhancements will be available on DCW/SCW on February 26, 2021. 

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Fixed an issue regarding split family payments. Occasionally when guardian 2 makes a payment, it was being posted on guardian 1’s financial ledger. [DCW-1279]
  • Fixed an issue where some families have been receiving an error message when attempting to remove their autopay accounts from the parent portal. [DCW-2512]
  • Unable to check children in/out or update notes via iPad/tablet. [DCW-2581]  
  • Arizona DES Report is not displaying the first and last contract date for some children. [DCW-2668]
  • When deactivating a payment method on the Family Record > Auto-Pay tab, you will now be prompted to adjust the schedule/percentage distribution for existing active payment methods. [DCW-1274, DCW-1275]
  • Fixed an issue regarding duplicate registration fees. [DCW-2708]
  • Performance improvement related to some customers experiencing missing rates after migration. [DCW-2727]  
  • When reviewing allocations, the Settlement/Allocation by GL Builder report is not allocating the payment correctly, even when the actual payment is allocated correctly in the system. [DCW-2742]
  • When a gateway refund transaction is posted for a split family, the contact ID is not captured. [DCW-2451]
  • Rate overrides were not displaying correctly on some parent statements causing incorrect balances displaying on the statements. [DCW-2282]
  • Some customers were experiencing issues when attempting delete rate authorizations from the Manage Room Category Rate Authorizations screen under Setup > Room > Category > View/Edit Rate Authorizations. [DCW-2261]
  • Expected payment types are not displaying correctly on the parent portal autopay screen when using TE widget. [DCW-909, DCW-1264]
  • Modification to the “Director2” role to disallow classroom deletion. [DCW-878]
  • New report "Absence Oracle Export" has been created. {DCW-2796]
  • New report "Time Entry Oracle Export" has been created. {DCW-2795]
  • Investigate and create new configuration option to hide "Email Schedule" button within the InSite Check-In app. [DCW-2642, DCW-2643]
  • Fixed issues regarding backend errors from the InSite Parent app when trying to display family statements. [DCW-2706]
  • When information is entered under the The “Health Review Notes” field on the InSite Classroom app, the field label was missing on the website. [DCW-632]
  • The “Type” drop-down on the Setup > Third Party screen will now be listed alphabetically. [DCW-2499]
  • When making a credit card/ACH payment from the family record, the confirmation popup was displaying the incorrect payment amount. [DCW-1530]  
  • Mobile app names have been updated in the setup screens throughout the provider website. [DCW-2680]
  • Tuition Express - editing auto-pay fixes. [DCW-1276]
  • Updates to the Tempus Payments/Balancing Exceptions report. [DCW-2703]
  • Struts maintenance. [DCW-2678]
  • In regards to allocations, a cron job has been created to look at items that are open or unallocated. [DCW-2569]
  • DCWSupport fix - deactivating a center. [DCW-2790]

Internal Documentation

  • Oracle batch job creation . [DCW-2609, DCW-2610, DCW-2611, DCW-2651]
  • Correct issue in SponsorDao that generates exception. [DCW-2794]
  • Batch report is failing to complete for specific customers. [DCW-2572]
  • Billing and audit report - January 2021 - DayCare Works. [DCW-2728]
  • TE Reconcile Batch Email - research item - failed refund transaction stores the same ord\_nbr as the original payment ord\_nbr. [DCW-2574]