Release Notes QA 19.5.14

The following features are coming May 14, 2019! Please click the link, if applicable, for more information on the new/updated features.

Associated JiraFeature Description
CQ-3479Fix for parents receiving Daily InSites after student is moved to another room
CQ-3498Child Health screen immunization fix
CQ-3504Add unallocated payments total to Deposit By Type Report
CQ-3506/08Parent Managed Calendar sibling billing fix
CQ-3507Family statement amount discrepancy
CQ-3513Added hierarchy text to Notifications > Portal Registration Confirmation - Parent
CQ-3516Child Supervisor Record report fix
CQ-3518Create Child Care Aware Attendance Sheet
CQ-3521Payments > Payments/Adjustments label added
CQ-3522Family Aging (One Tab) report not loading fix
CQ-3523Payments > Online/POS Payments filter fix
CQ-3527Payments > Deposit error message added when Third Party HOD totals do not match
CQ-3528Family > Batch Enroll/Edit split family fix
CQ-3529Incorrect end dates - CACFP Eligibility Renewal report
CQ-3530Weekly AM/PM Attendance Report - not showing Unscheduled Attendance
CQ-3531Weekly Roster Summary enrollment count fix
CQ-3532Parent Managed statement "note" section fix for siblings
CQ-3533InSite Connect app Pay Now crashing fix
CQ-3534Fix for InSite Provider (Android) crashing when network connection times out
System Config > Extended, Auto Pick room indicator fix
CQ-3544Creating duplicate staff PIN fix
CQ-3549Balance Due reporting issue with Agency reporting
CQ-3550Approvals > Program Request - Search criteria and filter options
CQ-3553Added dental information to InSite Provider app under student's profile
CQ-3557Unscheduled Reconcile Batch job fix
CQ-3558Swim level auto populating on registration page fix
CQ-3563Setup > Semester label updates
CQ-3570/77Activity IDs for sunscreen indicators fix
New report - Allergy and Special Care List Without Contact Detail
Activity ID for Child Document link fix
Multiple(CQ-3537, CQ-3543, CQ-3545) Attendance Statistics Summary Report - add filters, student ID, and unique Children totals
MultipleNew field options available for the student's Information Record:
  • CQ-3571 - Add Child ID to information record 
  • CQ-3572 - Pull future semester/program dates
  • CQ-3573 - Pulls all Contacts and Emergency Contacts and their PIN
  • CQ-3574 - Child Resides With Mother/Father (separate household)