Release Notes REL_OCT_28_2021

The following features and enhancements will be available on DCW/SCW on October 29, 2021. 

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Vacation days/credits enhancements DCW-3752 [DCW-2888, DCW-2889, DCW-2891, DCW-3016, DCW-3694]:
    • Vacation days will now show as a separate line item on the family’s financial ledger.
    • The system will now allow split families to enter vacation days when they do not have an active contract. 
    • Vacation days will have its own line item on the Specific Charges/Credit Summary One Page report. 
  • On the Financial Ledger > Actions > Online Credit Card screen, one-time and registered TE gateway payments can now be saved as a prepay deposit. [DCW-3489]
  • The system will no longer allow billing periods to be created with overlapping dates. [DCW-3512]
  • Resolved miscellaneous issues regarding Billing Service and Allocation Journal. [DCW-3784]
  • Oracle enhancements [DCW-3744, DCW-3775, DCW-3779, DCW-3780, DCW-3782]
  • Investigated an issue of return payments not picked up by nightly batch. [DCW-3671]
  • Backend server exceptions:
    • Saving the child immunization records. [DCW-1715]
    • Export Rate Sheet – PDF report. [DCW-3656]
  • Removed the “Show More Options" from the System Config > Auto-Pay screen. [DCW-3757]
  • Enhancements made on the Oracle Time Entry Export Assignment when employees have attendance at multiple locations. [DCW-3754]
  • The “Service fees on fixed amount auto-pays” field has been moved to the Service Fees section on the System Config > Payments screen. [DCW-3731]
  • Update the Arizona DES Sign In/Out Report to print on one page for each child. [DCW-3675]
  • On the modify payment/payment allocation screen for gateway payments, only the Sponsor and Note fields will be editable. [DCW-3674]
  • Fixed an issue where some payments were not displaying the User ID on the ledger. [DCW-3668]
  • The “Clone” option under Home > General has been restricted to DCW Support staff only. [DCW-3662]
  • Enhancements to required questions on registration. [DCW-3555]
  • Microsoft Azure SS integration phase 1. [DCW-3650, DCW-3651]
  • POS Screen TE Widget re-initialization. [DCW-3639]
  • TE new registration dropped payments enhancements. [DCW-3607]
  • Enhancement to DCW Fee API. [DCW-3772]

Internal Documentation

*The following tasks are for internal documentation only.

  • Veracode Implementation. [DCW-3486]
  • Upgrade to V2 Widget. [DCW-2562]
  • Monthly AR Data. [DCW-3636]