Release Notes REL_APR_29_2021

The following features and enhancements will be available on DCW/SCW on April 30, 2021. 

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • The Start and Stop Times for the Room Semesters will now save correctly DCW-3002
  • Scheduled Report Batch Exception DCW-2965 
  • Late Pickup Fees AWS enhancement DCW-2962
  • The Autopay Holder report will no longer log out users from the system DCW-2906 
  • Fix to display success message on the General screen after saving  DCW-2885
  • Driver License and Driver License State Fields on reg DCW-2869
  • Fixed "Email a copy to sender" functionality on communication screen DCW-2490 
  • Settlement/Allocation GL Builder Report Calculation fix DCW-2196 
  • Third Party Invoices can now be generated DCW-1802
  • Editing Extra Program info on Check out will no longer clear checkbox answers DCW-1536 
  • Subsidy Hours Report will pull all attendance now DCW-941
  • New family registration password requirements will match the rest of site DCW-627
  • Standardize the admin password error messages DCW-605
  • Allergies Import Template improvements DCW-604
  • Changes needed to update activity ID descriptions for mobile apps DCW-3023
  • "capture credit card" has been renamed as "Require Autopay Enrollment( New Family Registration only)" DCW-3004
  • Improvements made to prevent family centers from being changed if autopays are setup for Tuition Express DCW-2997
  • Cloning centers will no longer copy payment information if it detects centers have different merchant IDs set up DCW-2960
  • Attendance with check in questions report fix due to sheet names being too long DCW-2926
  • Tuition Express enhancements to auto refund non-sufficient funds ACH payments DCW-1658

Internal Documentation

*The following tasks are for internal documentation only. 

  • DCW-3003 Add logging for room semester save
  • DCW-2978 MySQL issue with DATETIME after MySQL8 update
  • DCW-2967 data type fix
  • DCW-2966 Incorrect Date Format Exception Fix - Date Check on 0000-00-00
  • DCW-2688 Batch Jobs - 503 failed to authenticate Default SES SMTP
  • DCW-2607 Batch emails sending from server SMTP
  • DCW-2961 making external gateway fields uneditable if autopays are setup for that center
  • DCW-2873 Change log4j logging format to JSON
  • DCW-2681 update activity ID category names with script
  • TE Enhancements DCW-2564, DCW-1290, DCW-1286, DCW-2578, DCW-1546, DCW-1544, DCW-1285