Release Notes REL_SEPT_24_2020

The following features & enhancements were released September 24, 2020.

Associated JiraFeature Description
Backup current deployment scripts
DCW-299Child Extended API
DCW-882Discounts not calculating correctly if using percentage with decimals
DCW-1429Created Attendance with Check-In Questions report to show Check-In Questions Data
DCW-1470Children transferred throughout the day are appearing twice on the Live View Attendance screen
DCW-1491Add Capture Card option to registration config
DCW-1679TE Widget enhancements
DCW-1685Struts 1 action classes requiring thread safety refactoring
DCW-1775Discounts not applying for all children within a family
DCW-1831Fixed bugs from previous deployments
Parent Waiver was not pulling all pages for each child
DCW-2076Embedded registration page needs to be resized
DCW-2088Families not appearing on the PAD Worksheet which is used to record payments
DCW-2128Fixed a bug where saving changes on the System Config > Extended screen is defaulting settings on the Connect Portal tile and vice versa
DCW-2140Fixed an issue with nightly batch job to update Family Center
DCW-2144Payment threading enhancements