Release Notes REL_JUN_25_2020

The following features & enhancements are coming soon!

Associated JiraFeature Description
Add logging for response code in cg_family_pay_trans
DCW-917Additional encryption security on passwords during new family registration
DCW-1281Add Tuition Express payment widget on POS Payment screen
DCW-1491Add 'Capture Credit Card as AutoPay' field on Setup > System Config > Registration screen
DCW-1538Removing Parent Managed Calendar days will apply that credit as a new line item on the family's financial ledger
DCW-1545After registration approval, fill in missing family information into family pay trans record
DCW-1567Batch job stopped processing fix
DCW-1625Intermittent issues during payment process from Connect portal
DCW-1626Incorrect convenience fees showing up on family ledgers
DCW-1653During Parent Portal registration, payment confirmation emails are being delivered to the incorrect email address
DCW-1662Some centers are missing GPS configuration options fix
DCW-1666Add coupon success message when applying a coupon to a child
DCW-1670Curbside Contactless (GPS) check-in enhancements
DCW-1672Update TE error message and checks
DCW-1677jQuery update on registration page