Release Notes REL_JUN_4_2020

The following features & enhancements are now available!

Associated JiraFeature Description
DCW-88TE - Family ledger discrepancy when only partial payment is approved fix
DCW-296Household API
DCW-300Contact Detail API
DCW-432Family > Grade Change: new screen to move children in bulk to the next grade level
DCW-579Page security updates
DCW-584Add additional locations to automatic admin fee
DCW-751TE Widget - Payment information emails not being sent after registration fix
DCW-810When ACH is turned off, the 'Save to Profile' option on the One-Time Payment screen (Parent Portal) does not display fix
DCW-838During registration, split family payments were not allocating correctly to the fees
DCW-841Add popup for swim instructions during registration
DCW-1016Character limit ($99,999.99) on Fees and Balance Forwards on the combined ledger fix
DCW-1278During Portal registration, when a payment was declined, registration was unable to be continued with a different payment method
DCW-1283Each guardian can select each other's payment methods in the Portal fix
DCW-1335API server error
DCW-1357Approvals > Waitlist timeout issues phase 2
DCW-1374System is billing incorrect number of days in April
DCW-1411Add a range option to GPS configuration
DCW-1415Modify API LoginRest to return center details where kids have active schedules
DCW-1416Add a new table to save GPS related configurations for centers
DCW-1471Fix issue with single sign-on error message
DCW-1455Add email template for all centers on Communication screen
DCW-1515Payment processing error investigation
DCW-1534Email code refactoring