Release Notes REL_MAY_27_2021

The following features and enhancements will be available on DCW/SCW on May 28, 2021. 

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • The Setup > System Config > Registration screen has been reorganized and fields have been renamed. [DCW-2877]
  • All students (active and pending) with an active program/room assignment will display on the InSite Classroom app. [DCW-2761]
  • The Lifetime Value by Child report has been created to display the sum of each child’s tuition charges since enrollment. [DCW-2901, 3127]
  • Disable autocomplete on Provider and Connect login pages. [DCW-3061]
  • Some manual autopayment were processing twice. [DCW-3050]
  • Previously, if a center was not selected when adding or updating an admin role, an error message would occur, and the user must start from the beginning. Now, if the error occurs, the user can make the changes and no data will be lost. [DCW-3027]
  • New report “TE Balancing Report” will compare payment data between Tuition Express and DCW and display any discrepancies. [DCW-2577, 3000]
  • Investigate and resolve missing payment information from the Receivable Journal Summary report. [DCW-3120]
  • New family registrations are being approved instead of being placed on a waiting list once the room capacity is met. [DCW-2859]
  • Fixed an issue where approved partial payments were not being identified correctly on the Payments > Online/POS Payments screen. [DCW-2357]
  • On the Payments > Online/POS Payments screen, “Tuition Express Approval Codes” option has been added. [DCW-3085, 3086]
  • Each child’s Third Party Contract List will now be sorted by Contract End Date, contract with the latest To Date, then alphabetically. [DCW-2990] 
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to pull Future Billing Summary report. [DCW-3059]
  • Performance improvements on parent managed calendar functionality. [DCW-1565]
  • Fixed an issue regarding inconsistent charges when using rounding rules for parent managed calendars. [DCW-2996]
  • When removing days from a parent managed calendar, the fees were not calculating correctly. [DCW-582]
  • Fixed an issue regarding rounding with a sibling discount. [DCW-2298]
  • When using the Family Import, guardian 2 information is not importing into the system. [DCW-3108]
  • When using the Family Merge option, the process is completed successfully, but displays an error. [DCW-3039]
  • Active employees were listed in the system "Terminated". [DCW-3116]
  • Fixed an issue where home phone was being required when setting up autopay. [DCW-3100]
  • When adding a child via the Connect Portal, the "State" field was producing an error. [DCW-3038]
  • Added “School” column to Oracle Time Entry Export. [DCW-3110]
  • Update Procare branding and icons throughout DCW/SCW application. [DCW-1558, 2822]
  • Corrected grammatical errors within DCW. [DCW-3011, 3028]
  • CCDP Third Party enhancements – [DCW-314, 1778, 2245, 2359, 2360, 2361, 2362, 2363]

Internal Documentation

*The following tasks are for internal documentation only. 

  • The TE reconciliation batch will now clear out transaction complete date. [DCW-3145]
  • Create a helper class to parameterize SQL/HSQL queries. [DCW-3130]
  • Allocation performance improvements. [DCW-3154]
  • Fix SQLException caused by wrong parameter substitution. [DCW-3060]
  • When a payment is declined during a new registration, the transaction record is storing the business level company id. [DCW-2578]
  • Research V2 Widget. [DCW-2563]
  • Main Order ID Research Task. [DCW-2489]
  • TE3 logging. [DCW-1282]
  • Restore lost changes for NSF email from previous task. [DCW-3131]