Popular Articles

  1. Financial- How to process a refund

    To process a refund go to the family's financial page and select the payment corrections icon.
  2. Setup > Rates

    Rates and a child's classroom assignment determine how much the child will be charged for the classroom.
  3. Meals - Meal Count and Attendance Sheet with Summary Tabs

    Report Description The Meal Count and Attendance report shows which meals were served to each student and a monthly summary.  Report Conditions A center must be selected If no date is entered, data will pull for current week If a date is e...
  4. Setting Up or Editing Roles

    Roles in the system allow groups of users to access different levels of information within the system.
  5. InSite Check-In Overview

    Simplify your center attendance and check in/check out process with Procare's InSite Check-In application. This app is designed for a streamlined, quick and easy way to track attendance for parents and staff. Replace paper sign-in sheets, get accura...
  6. Payments > Third Party Journal

    How to post a third party payment allocation/reconciliation.
  7. Setup > Classroom

    The setup > classroom area is where administrators will create programming or the roster options children can be associated with in the system.
  8. Year End Tax Statements - Self Serve Statements, Parent Portal

    How parents can print tax statements via the Parent Portal
  9. Billing - How to run defined billing

    How to create billing for defined centers.
  10. Setup > Room, Category - Registration Setup

    The registration setup area allows users to set questions will that be displayed, hidden or required on registration forms. This setup can be created at the category level or the room/program level.